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Bloody Mary

With Ellena apprehended, it was only a matter of time before everyone would be taking on the leader of the Phantoms. The Raiders took to busting around and transporting themselves between Fyrestone and Sanctuary on damage control. Krieg however, was not interested in traveling to a mildly populated place where everyone pretty much wanted him gone, so he took to meandering once again around the dusty roads of Fyrestone. He started to pass Ellena's cell when he heard her call out.

" Hey, you there. Brute." She wasn't exactly demanding, just strongly voiced, "Come here."

"Careful Krieg." His inner voice warned.

"I KNOW I KNOW SHUT UP!" The Psycho swatted at his scalp and took a step towards the cell.

The Savage shuffled closer to the bars and rested on her knees with her hands folded. She looked up at him with her amber-red eyes and sighed. Krieg balled his fists and stared down the woman, his hidden expression turning into a scowl. The longer he kept his gaze fixed to her, the more he wanted to kill her, here was the woman who had knocked him and Maya out cold right in arms length.

"It's hard to love a Siren." She exhaled. Krieg was taken aback and grunted, "It's funny, I remember meeting her back on Terraflorus. She tried to overthrow my cannibals. Then she offered to have me help her in her expedition to rule the universe. Of course any chance to dominate got me going and soon we were on our way. I had a plan to overthrow her myself once we got established, but when she showed me what she could do..." Ellena's expression hardened, "Years passed, and I became another toy to her."

The Psycho cocked his head, "She was aware?"

"But as long as I felt I was some use to conquering, I didn't mind, in fact, I loved it. The feeling of being controlled. I'll prove myself to her. I'm not worthless."

Krieg felt a stirring in his stomach.

"You remind me of me in my younger days. So hell-bent on destruction." The savage laughed to herself, "Ah, but why am I telling you all of this. I mean...It's not going to matter in the end." Her eyes dropped to the ground and she sighed angrily.

"The putrid sorrows of your sins has brought forth a reckoning." The Psycho grumbled.

"Yeah, now get outta here you monster meat wad."

"Ayyy shawty." Tina swaggered up to Maya as the Siren telekinetically lifted some rubble out of the streets of Sanctuary. She turned around and tossed the debris out of the way, raising a brow in question.

"What is it Tina?" Maya began to phase a few cans into the air.

"Ya have the hots fo Craig don'cha?" Tina was never one to beat around the bush, Maya dropped the garbage as well did her jaw.

"Y-You mean Krieg?"

"Das what I said, Craig. Now, answer mah question. Yes or no?"

Maya was speechless. Sure, she felt close to the Psycho, in some form she couldn't quite describe. But she was pretty sure it wasn't in some romantic sense of the word.

"Cause I mean, ya always with him. An ya both got this look." The teen gave a knowing look and smirked.

The Siren still stood silently, Tina pursed her lips in a pout and huffed.

"A'ight shawty. I see how's it is. Imma just throw this out there, but he needs you, and I'm pretty sure you need him too. Trust me, I know these things~" And with that, the demolitions expert skipped away from Maya, leaving her still speechless.

The Phaselocker lifted and tossed more debris, while milling over what the young girl had implied.

"Well damn." Maya grumbled.

Roland picked himself up out of the dust and spat out some blood as he rose to his feet. In front of him Ellena had broken from her restraints and stood tall with a gleam of murder in her eyes. The Soldier drew his gun and sidestepped the Savage before firing two shots into the Phantom. But she was un-phased, the lead Raider deployed his turret then pulled out his ECHO.

"Everyone, the bitch is on the loose." He reported calmly and pulled out his shotgun.

But the Savage ignored his threat as she charged at a few of Verner's brothers and slashed her claw cleanly through them, devouring their shredded limbs shortly after, and releasing a loud war cry that paralyzed everyone in a six foot radius. Ellena stared viciously at Roland and pointed a bloodied finger at him and howled again before pulling out something that looked like a stash deck. She tossed the box-like device into the air, allowing it to digistruct into a small flying Constructor that instantly began deploying commandeered Loaders.

The Soldier stepped back towards the fast travel as his companions began to materialize. Each Vault Hunter quickly loaded their guns and stood ready, awaiting their leader's command.

"Raiders. Rain Hell on them." Roland pumped his shot gun and fired a shot into the core of a EXP Loader before it could burst. The others cried their own battle cries and charged in.

Brick, Salvador, and Krieg took to fighting up close and personal with the Savage's new army. The two Berserker classes took turns charging their weights into the robot soldiers, launching the scrap metal opponents into their allies, and tearing apart robotic appendages and using them to further add to the beatings. The Psycho however, decided that he was going to go big. With a growl, Krieg rushed the Savage woman and hurled himself against her, causing her to stumble back.

"Careful big guy. Remember what she did before."

"CAN'T DOWN THE MEAT. MEAT IS FOREVER!" The Psycho bellowed and smacked his head against his target.

Mordecai and Zer0 found higher vantage points to pick off any stray bots. Talon took to the skies with a flock of other aerial beasts and began dive bombing on the constructing bots while the two snipers fired at the flying constructor.

Roland and Axton deployed their turrets to provide a constant shower of bullets while they maneuvered about to get closer to the Savage. Gaige summoned Death-Trap and hopped on his shoulder, shooting wildly at some GUN Loaders while her creation slashed through some larger enemies.

"Lil! Maya! Get that constructor!" The Soldier ordered as he knocked a BUL Loader back with the force of his gun.

The two Sirens exchanged glances and smiled. Maya planted her feet in the dust and honed her gaze on the mobile constructor that was flying about constructing two Super Badass Loaders.

"Be...QUIET!" She commanded and threw her tattooed hand, trapping the constructor in an elemental Phase Orb. The sudden interruption halted the construction of one Loader, but was too late to stop the other Super Badass from being deployed into the battle.

The Phaselocker cupped her hands and hunched over while her Siren partner dashed up to her and planted a foot in her hands. Maya lifted the Phasewalker up and out of her hands, sending her into the air. Lilith's form flickered before vanishing into thin air. There was a moment of silence before the red-haired Siren reappeared and set out a nova of energy that destroyed the constructor and several lesser Loaders. She quickly Phased herself back to the ground and pulled out an SMG to join the fray.

Now everyone's attention was on the Super Badass Loader, which uttered out a metallic "Uh Oh" before being demolished in seconds.

"THAT'S HOW IT'S DONE!" Mordecai hollered, hopping from his perch.

The Raiders regrouped then looked at the brawl between Krieg and Ellena.

The Savage and the Psycho had been in a nonstop brawl for the past several minutes, their guns scattered about after successfully disarming each other. Both were now beginning to stagger around slightly in exhaustion as the battle began to take its toll. But Krieg couldn't give in yet.


"PUNISHMENT FOR TAKING MEAT!" Krieg bellowed, forcing his fist hard into the Savage's ribs. The hyena-like woman sputtered and slashed her claws across his arm, causing bright crimson to spray from his arteries.

The other Vault Hunters slowly moved in, their guns raised to fire.

"Should we?" Lilith looked over at her leader. Roland shook his head and lowered his gun, motioning the others to do the same.

The Psycho ignored his injury and charged forth once more, Ellena swung her heel hard around and into Krieg's side. He stumbled for a moment the regained his footing and thrashed his Buzz Axe forward, catching Ellena on her clawed wrist before tearing off the appendage.


The Savage shrieked in agony as her hand was torn from her body. Her eyes hazed over in an indescribable rage. She paused in her attacks and stared at the bleeding stump.

"Yes. That's right. MAKE HER PAY FOR WHAT SHE DID." The inner Krieg commanded. The Psycho picked up the disembodied claw and paced to his opponent. Ellena looked up and released another war cry that caused Krieg to hesitate in his movements for a second. She sprung up and tackled the psychotic Vault Hunter to the ground, using her one hand to grasp his throat.

"No one beats me." She snarled and dove at Krieg's mask, tearing it off much like a hyena tears of the flesh of its scavenged meal, "And just think.. I'll kill your friends. Then, your girlfriend. That gorgeous Siren. And I'll make you watch."

The Psycho shook and thrust his feet up and into Ellena's stomach, sending her flying off of him and landing with a thud. He clutched the claw, sprinted towards the fallen Savage, and impaled her in the shoulder with the melee weapon. Ellena cried out again as the Psycho drew the claw from her shoulder and proceeded to stab her again in the other shoulder.

He repeated this process, over and over, bringing the metal claw closer and closer to her heart with every stab, and reveling in Ellena's gurgling screams. Blood began to pool around the two of them, staining the light sand a deep ruby. Both of Krieg's sides synced to the rhythm of revenge, the symphony of slaughter.

"NO TOUCH FRIENDS!" Krieg screamed with almost full coherency as he punctured one lung.

"NO TOUCH ME!" Another lung impaled. The Savage vomited blood and began to choke as she bled from the inside out.

Krieg raised the claw high above his head and smiled wickedly, a crazed gleam in his dark eyes, "NO TOUCH MAYA!" He brought the blades through his victim's heart, causing an explosion of blood to erupt onto his face.

The other Vault Hunters stood in stunned silence. Not because Krieg had brutally murdered one of the toughest Phantoms, oh no, he had brought down creatures far larger than himself. They were stunned at how coherent their companion had just become. Often times the Psycho's words were nothing but ramblings of profanity and desires of riding meat bicycles, but no, it was clear what he wanted to get across.

Maya felt her face heat slightly. "...he needs you, and I'm pretty sure you need him too..." Tina's words echoed in the Siren's mind. Memories began to fill her thoughts as she recalled the times they had defended each other, whether it was with words on out in battle. She looked up at her companion who was still repeatedly stabbing the fresh corpse in the chest and without much thought began to jog to him, ignoring the calls of warning from her other team mates.

As she drew closer, Maya could hear Krieg uttering the phrase "Don't touch her" over and over as he continued to weakly stab at the body, now becoming slightly sluggish from the after effects of the long fight and severe blood loss.

Instinct began to take over as the Siren, against all better judgment, stopped the Psycho when she loosely brought her arms around his neck.

"Krieg. She's dead. She can't get me now." Maya exhaled and rested her head against his, praying that her friend wouldn't suddenly snap on her. The Psycho looked at her with a sideways glance with a smile cracking across his scarred lips.

"Good." He huffed huskily, "No ghost touches meat maiden." Krieg's split halves began to fall out of rhythm. But instead of becoming a discordant ruckus of insanity, they flowed like a loud and strong harmony and a soft yet stable melody.

"Right." The Siren murmured.

They didn't even notice the other Vault Hunters leaving.

A warm sensation grew between the two. Maya found herself smiling for some odd reason as her face heated more. The Psycho placed a hand around the small of his Siren's back and another against her cheek as he brought his dark gaze to her stormy one. His eyes softened slightly as he scanned over her features, as if to make sure she was really there. Krieg felt his intestines twist in knots.

"Yeah, feel that? That's what I felt when we first met her."

A jolt sped up Krieg's spine and sent his nerves into overdrive as Maya ghosted a healing hand over his wound.

"Say thank you." The Psycho darted his eyes around a few times and opened his mouth to speak as if searching for the words, but instead, acted.

On an impulse, Krieg quickly pecked his lips onto Maya's then pulled away. The Siren felt her face become an inferno while her body was racked with chills. Such a reaction also affected the Psycho.

"Oh. My. God. That felt like heaven."

"Excuse me, if you two are done over there." Axton's voice interjected over both their ECHO's, "Could you come back to HQ, we still have one more to take down."

"On our way." Maya replied, sounding a little lighter.

"Ready?" She looked back at Krieg with a smile.

The Psycho bopped his forehead to the Siren's then planted another quick kiss to her tingling lips.

"I'll...uh...take that as a 'yes'."



Hiya everyone. Long time no see. A lot has been going on recently...
Like a lot

Wow, you made it this far

So, this chapter is actually, a bit of a self-help chapter.
I was feeling really down. So what was going to actually be a really boring chapter with no action besides a
brokenhearted Ellena committing suicide.
Became a sicknasty fight of vengeance and blood.
And now I have my edge back
-thumbs up-

Actually, this fic is something of a lot of firsts.
I've never written a Canon x Canon fic.
Nor have I written something this indepth.
Or had romance. Like, I suck at romance.
But here we are.


I love you all, your feedback is greatly appreciated and keeps me going.

See you later sweet potaters

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bdjtm Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Student General Artist
Lol awsome and I love it!
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Oh. My. God.... I think I just died of squeeing... can that even happen? I think it just did....


I friggin loved this chapter... You don't even know xD

My question is: How did she escape? I didn't understand that :/

I just can't ;w; This is just so... amazing!
White-Wolf-Terra Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah I don't know how she escaped either, Little details.
and thats all that mattters.
oh, and blood. Blood matters too
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i bet you did fine.
My sister will be home all day, so unless you get a message on steam saying its me.
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Or she may delete ye from the contct list on steam.
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Metagrossfreak Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:) so much feels... STAB ME A THOUSAND TIMES!! This is the chapter I've been waiting for for such a long time... MODERN ART!!
(Sorry for the all caps, I wanted to let my inner psycho show me appreciation.)

By the way, based on Ellena's literal Bloodsplosion, is this a Bloodlust Krieg, or have you not thought that far ahead regarding skills for Krieg?
In the early chapters when he went on the unstoppable rampage and couldn't stop himself, I imagined he was Releasing the Beast, but it's cool if you have other plans :)
White-Wolf-Terra Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I honestly didn't put much thought into the skill trees.
I just kind of touch and go to certain skills.
Like little bits.

But yeah, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
I-Threnna Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
White-Wolf-Terra Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
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I-Threnna Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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